Colors of Depression

(Picture from: can be a debilitating thing. It can cause people to plunge into a terrible downward spiral. Silence is one of the symptoms that surface and screams to the world that something is wrong. But, because it is so quiet, very few people notice the symptom, let alone notice the person affected by it. Kellee Giles writes this book with the perspective of suffering from depression and living with and around other people who have and are suffering from it. The situations are realistic because they are drawn from reality, and the resolution is sweet because it reflect a real-life drama. If you could be that tiny ray of light that changes a suffering persons world, would you do it? Would you even notice? Those are the soul searching question you need to ask yourself. I love this drawing that Kellee did herself. It represents the blackness of depression, the blueness of the person caught in it, and the speck of light that someone can hold onto.

Source: Colors of Depression

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Free PMP Exam Simulator

Free PMP Exam Simulator

Free PMP Exam Simulator

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